Call for Papers: Ibersensor 2018 Special Issue




A selection of the best papers presented at the 11th Ibero-American Congress on Sensors IBERSENSOR2018 will be pubished in this i-ETC Special Issue.

Manuscripts should be submitted online, following author registration in the journal website. All papers will be peer-reviewed.

Deadline for manuscript submission is 30-04-2019

IBERSENSOR offers a unique forum for scientific and technological exchange between Latin American researchers who carry out their activities in the field of sensors and their applications. The continued interaction among research groups that this Congress has promoted has contributed to enhance the scientific level of our countries in the field of the sensor, an activity in rapid development and enormous interest and social impact worldwide.

IBERSENSOR covers a diversity of interdisciplinary activity areas, as it is the topic of sensors, ranging from physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, engineering materials, nanoscience, (bio) sensors. In addition, it covers aspects on key enabling technologies (KETs), such as nanotechnology, micro- and nanoelectronics, including semiconductors, advanced materials, biotechnology and photonics.

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i-ETC Deadline extension - Special Issue focused on "IoT: Internet of Things as a Field Revolution (New deadline: July 09)


The deadline for abstract submission in the Special Issue focused on "IoT: Internet of Things as a Field Revolution has been extended until July 09, due to a high number of requests.

Thank you for your continued interest in considering i-ETC as a venue to publish your work

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Call for Papers: Special 2018 Issue


IoT: Internet of Things as field revolution

According to the massive amount of recent technological progress, the time for Internet of Things (IoT) to unleash its inner potential to transform industrial organizations is soon to come. Following the IoT rapid growth, and attempting to realize its full potential, large and small business organizations are required to operate changes in thinking and in culture. Business decisions can be tailored to the company vision, based on the information gathered from the IoT infrastructure and analysed in the organization data Integration and analytics platform. When completely and correctly implemented, the IoT enormous potential can reduce operational costs and improve quality, driving benefits to every industry, namely:  manufacturing, transportation, energy, healthcare, retail, and Finance.

From the engineering point of view, IoT is based on two core components: an infrastructure of sensors and networks conveying data to a processing platform and a set of software tools for data analysis. In Big Data scenarios, these systems can be organized as a continuum from the devices to cloud-hosted data analysis platforms. A complete multidisciplinary approach includes the implementing of proper solutions for IoT architectures integration and communication networks, as well as data analytics and management, with a special attention to citizen privacy and security.

As a survey of the recent technological progress made in this exciting field, this i-ETC special issue aims to describe IoT as a field revolution, with the ability to improve the future citizens daily life. We will look forward to receiving technical manuscripts reporting the authors last finding on the following topics:

 - IoT architectures: Fog Computing, Edge computing, Blockchain protocols;
 - IoT communications: Wireless networks, sensor networks, Integrated Wireless/Optical networks, IoT-based mobile Internet, Delay tolerant networks;
 - Smart City applications of IoT: Resource management, Applications to engaged citizens and visitors, Irrigation, Smart buildings & industries, Auto vehicle systems;
 - Data analytics and management: Data collection, Data availability, Model generation, Artificial Intelligence Applications;
 - Security: MAC layer security protocols, Cross‐domain trust management in smart networks, Secure authentication of devices.

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Following the successful resolution of technical problems related to the journal hosting, i-ETC has found its permanent house at the ISEL data center.

i-ETC is back online. The next issue will be dedicated to a selection of papers presented at the conference CETC2016

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