Automated reactive thermal evaporation system for transparent conductive coatings

Miguel Fernandes, Yuri Y. Vygranenko, Manuela Vieira, Guilherme Lavareda, Carlos Nunes de Carvalho, Ana Amaral


This work presents fully automated plasma-enhanced reactive thermal evaporation system (rf-PERTE) that can be used for the deposition of transparent metal oxide films with high reproducibility of their electrical and optical properties. The developed hardware/software platform enables the full control over the critical deposition conditions such as mass flow of oxygen, process pressure, current flowing through crucible and rf-power. For indium oxide films on glass substrates a resistivity of 9×10-4 Ω-cm and a transmittance of 90% in the visible spectral range were achieved without substrate heating. The system is also suitable for the deposition of transparent conducting coatings in a wide range of plastic substrates, for applications in the field of flexible sensors or solar cells. In particular, we have successfully deposited indium oxide on PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) sheets with electrical and optical properties approaching the ones of the films deposited on glass substrates.


TCO, Solar cell, PLastic substrate

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