Benchtop SS-OCT – layout and performance evaluation

Jose Paulo Domingues, Susana F. Silva, Rui Bernardes, A. M. Morgado



Abstract1— Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is a non-invasive biomedical imaging technique that provides high speed and high resolution three dimensional and cross sectional images of biological samples, in vivo and in situ. OCT applications targeting small animals is believed to bring developments in medical techniques, instruments, diagnosis and therapies for a number of human diseases as always have been the case of animal experimentation.

With the swept source OCT (SS-OCT) system presented in this work, we were able to achieve performance parameters that meet the requirements to image the retina of small animals. Performance characteristics include 105 dB for system sensitivity, a roll-off below 1 dB/mm over 3 mm depth and an axial resolution of 8 μm. We describe the layout and acquisition/processing solutions towards fast imaging of in vivo samples.


Swept Source OCT, Imaging, Instrumentation

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