Floating sensor platform for the monitoring of water quality in urban and white-water environments

Heinz Christoph Neitzert, Michael Baltes, Roman Scmitt, P Lovisi, G Landi, A Cuomo, D Guida


In the present paper the project of an embedded
solution for the realization of a floating sensor platform for the
monitoring of the water and ambient quality in a flowing water
environment is described. First results regarding the monitoring
of the water conductivity and the ambient noise level under
harsh environmental conditions in a karstic river and in the final
part of a river going towards the Mediterranean Sea are
presented. It is further discussed how this kind of system can be
modified in order to serve as urban waterway multisensory
platform, adding important features like connectivity, energy
harvesting and determination of the platform position.



water quality, ambient noise, remote sensing, embedded sensor, smart city

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.34629/ipl.isel.i-ETC.50


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