Backscatter radio communication for IoT applications

Ricardo Correia, Pedro Pinho, Nuno Carvalho


The so called Internet of Things (IoT) is progressively
becoming a normal thing in everyone daily lives. The
desire of connecting everyday objects to the internet and to each
other, to interact with other users and machines, is increasingly
becoming a reality. In this context, where billions of connected
objects are expected to be ubiquitously deployed worldwide, the
frequent battery maintenance of wireless nodes is undesirable
or even impossible. The growth of the devices will be made
possible only if the sensors battery needs are eliminated or
reduced significantly. For low power sensors and devices, careful
power management and power conservation are critical to device
lifetime and effectiveness. One of the possible solutions is to
change completely the paradigm of the radio transceivers in the
wireless nodes of the IoT system. The new paradigm should be
able to communicate and to enhance the power to the sensor by
using only electromagnetic waveforms transmitted over the air,
in order to make the Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) concept a


Backscatter communication, Internet of Things, Wireless power transmission

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