Vol 4, No 1 (2018)

IoT: Internet of Things as field revolution

According to the massive amount of recent technological progress, the time for Internet of Things (IoT) to unleash its inner potential to transform industrial organizations is soon to come. Following the IoT rapid growth, and attempting to realize its full potential, large and small business organizations are required to operate changes in thinking and in culture. Business decisions can be tailored to the company vision, based on the information gathered from the IoT infrastructure and analysed in the organization data Integration and analytics platform. When completely and correctly implemented, the IoT enormous potential can reduce operational costs and improve quality, driving benefits to every industry, namely:  manufacturing, transportation, energy, healthcare, retail, and Finance.

From the engineering point of view, IoT is based on two core components: an infrastructure of sensors and networks conveying data to a processing platform and a set of software tools for data analysis. In Big Data scenarios, these systems can be organized as a continuum from the devices to cloud-hosted data analysis platforms. A complete multidisciplinary approach includes the implementing of proper solutions for IoT architectures integration and communication networks, as well as data analytics and management, with a special attention to citizen privacy and security.

As a survey of the recent technological progress made in this exciting field, this i-ETC special issue aims to describe IoT as a field revolution, with the ability to improve the future citizens daily life, publishing technical manuscripts on the following topics:

 - IoT architectures: Fog Computing, Edge computing, Blockchain protocols;
 - IoT communications: Wireless networks, sensor networks, Integrated Wireless/Optical networks, IoT-based mobile Internet, Delay tolerant networks;
 - Smart City applications of IoT: Resource management, Applications to engaged citizens and visitors, Irrigation, Smart buildings & industries, Auto vehicle systems;
 - Data analytics and management: Data collection, Data availability, Model generation, Artificial Intelligence Applications;
 - Security: MAC layer security protocols, Cross‐domain trust management in smart networks, Secure authentication of devices.

Table of Contents

IoT as a Field Revolution - Special Issue 2018

Marco Sousa, Pedro Vieira, Paula Queluz, Antonio Rodrigues
Ricardo Correia, Pedro Pinho, Nuno Carvalho
Heinz Christoph Neitzert, Michael Baltes, Roman Scmitt, P Lovisi, G Landi, A Cuomo, D Guida
Vitor Vaz da Silva
Tiago Ribeiro
Vitor Fialho, Fernado Azevedo
Vitor Vaz da Silva
Rui Policarpo Duarte, Mário Véstias, Carlos Carvalho, João Casaleiro
João Carlos Casaleiro, Carlos Ferreira Carvalho, Pedro Viçoso Fazenda, Rui Policarpo Duarte